Polk Elections to Update Itself

On the actual, correct number of votes cast for the 2016 amendment two measure for medical marijuana, the verdict is in. It appears that the county has not been publishing all votes cast in any election for decades, although their intention is to do so once they upgrade their software system sometime in the not too distant future.

Lori Edwards explained that they are required to certify and submit precinct numbers to the state. Those are the numbers they have been publishing with a fair number of complaints, Edwards bemoaned.

For now, the State of Florida Elections Division is the one with the latest, greatest numbers, ones that reflect all votes cast including absentee ballots, early voting, and foreign votes such as military ballots.

Because the City of Davenport is represented by two precincts 404 and 405, the following numbers are the complete totals for all votes cast in these two precincts specifically for Amendment Two.

Precinct Vote Tally
404 Yes for Approval 1,948 Total YES 2,381
404 No for Rejection 914 Total NO 1,144
405 Yes for Approval 433 Total ALL 3,525
405 No for Rejection 230 YES 68%

Source: Florida Elections Division


PSThank you, Commissioner Tom Fellows for putting me, Darhlene, on the spot about these numbers. Due to that bellow, Fellows, we all now know more.

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