MMTC Gets Mayoral Support

Today I’m excited because tonight Davenport Commissioners will be considering a letter written by Mayor Rob Robinson supporting the city’s first medical marijuana treatment clinic (MMTC). It’s a huge, first step towards the recovery of downtown Davenport.

According to The Ledger, the Commission had “a change of heart” on cannabis after they were on the verge of banning on “all things marijuana.” Those following this story know it was a lot more than a change of heart; it was the result of a flash education program, based on extensive research, provided to them by one community activist, moi.

They heard. They listened. Now they’re moving the city towards attracting all things high-end. The location?

Holly Hills Fruit Products Company!

The possibility of seeing a viable, modern and highly profitable business venture right here is beyond exciting. It could spell the beginning of Davenport’s next renaissance.

All that’s left is for the rest of the commission to vote in support of Mayor Robinson’s letter. Let’s do it! Davenport’s been long overdue for another age of significance. Let’s have another one!

PDF Version of Letter Supporting Medical Marijuana Facility at Holly Hills

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