Are We Ready for an MIA FEMA?

Rainbow Over Davenport Post-Squall
Post-Squall Rainbow, 05/19/2018.

Hurricane season doesn’t start until late next week and here we are at the end of our first unnamed tropical depression, right here in the good ole new Hurricane Alley of Central Florida. The federal hurricane center is predicting that we face the possibility of more than a half-a-dozen named storms this year and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is telling us that too, except they’re adding that this year we’re on our own.

Warning: FEMA has given us fair notice that they intend to be MIA in the event of an emergency. We must face it; This is America today.

Recently, Daniel Kaniewski, FEMA’s deputy administrator said, “We are going to be very blunt with the American public about what FEMA can and can’t do, about what the federal government can and can’t do, and I hope state and local governments take this forward as well … FEMA is not a first responder.” According to The Ledger, FEMA administrator Brock Long said that local governments should be prepared to feed and provide water to citizens for the first 48 to 72 hours following a natural disaster without relying on aide from FEMA.

According to a Homeland Security transcript, Long’s question to Davenport is, “Do you have a Rainy Day Fund that’s established in a manner that you can render your own version of … assistance to those … citizens that have been impacted?”

Do we have that in the City of Davenport?

With the sudden right-turn of Hurricane Charley through central Florida in 2004, folks were calling him the 50-Year-Storm. 14 years later, we weren’t calling Irma the 50-year anything.

Today, we are calling Irma last year’s storm, but last year FEMA helped. Are we ready for a 2018 and beyond without FEMA?

Memoir of Hurricane Irma

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