My Q-T Dog

I had no idea how much my life would change when I found my puppy in a Zephyrhills, Florida, pound. Just days before, my pup had been delivered to the pound in a box with a bunch of other puppies. Planned Pethood Rescue told me that not one of the puppies looked alike but that Dylan always stood on top of the pack. He obviously wanted out.

They originally named him One-Black-Eye, his Native American name. But, seriously, four years later, I think of my dog as a perpetual three-year-old: full of joy, spunk, and cuteness. Below are some of my photos of my unconditional lovebug with me, my husband, George, and my parents, who are both in their late 80’s. (Dylan is my parents’ therapy dog.)

Click on any image below to see these pictures as a slideshow.

He brings such joy to so many that I thought I’d share him with my readers. Enjoy! Oh! And, and give me a WOOF in the comments below if you like this post.

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