1,948 Ignored

NRA-loving and garrulous, unelected Commissioner Brynn Summerlin said, “I am completely against marijuana of any kind …” because he couldn’t “get [his] head around it.” May I suggest a new head, Brynn?

City Bans Medical

Talk about shooting progress in the foot: Today the City of Davenport permanently banned medical marijuana dispensaries from opening shop.

The Pea for Parties

Holy guacamole! Hummus can be used on almost anything: as a sandwich spread, a salad dressing, a dip, on chicken, in deviled eggs, and even pizza ... click here to find out more ...

Parks & Rec Your Thing?

Just like there is an endless variety of nuts from which to choose, there are all sorts of different parks one can have in a community: pocket parks, ballparks, hiking trails, dog parks, amusement parks, roaming parks, beaches, lakefront parks ...

Growth on Tap

One glitch is that Chief Larry can't call his new miniature golf course "Putt-Putt with the Po-Po" because of copyright law. We need to help him out!

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