My Ex-Signature Doctor

I'd been seeing this doctor for about six years. Then, last year, she started a "Signature" program to deliver "personalized" healthcare to patients willing to dole her office up $1,500 a year for it. Up until that point I thought I was already receiving "personalized" care, so I didn't think much of it. Then I got sick.

Double the Ducklings

If you didn't think Lake Play had enough ducks, today's your lucky day. Just hatched are double the ducklings. The March babies are already grown up and some have left Lake Play. With the drought, surely there's not enough food to go around. The new ducklings are staying close to a source of food for now... Continue Reading →

DCC’s Truth to Power Email

Some notes from a Davenport Concerned Citizens’ email with unsubstantiated claims and a substantial amount of wordiness left out. Trust me. It actually really reads better this way.

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