Double the Ducklings

If you didn't think Lake Play had enough ducks, today's your lucky day. Just hatched are double the ducklings. The March babies are already grown up and some have left Lake Play. With the drought, surely there's not enough food to go around. The new ducklings are staying close to a source of food for now... Continue Reading →

DCC’s Truth to Power Email

Some notes from a Davenport Concerned Citizens’ email with unsubstantiated claims and a substantial amount of wordiness left out. Trust me. It actually really reads better this way.

Elections Have Consequences

It appears that our local news outlet, The Ledger needs a lesson in local Davenport history to more fairly round out their editorial, Davenport's quick change in leadership, an opinion-based piece based on an "alternative fact" from the very first sentence. In calling Barbara Pierson, Davenport's newly elected commissioner, a "rookie," The Ledger dismissed the solid... Continue Reading →

Davenport TwoFer: Fires Attorney & City Manager

Updated 4/24/17 10:54 PM On a floor motion made by newly elected commissioner Barbara Pierson, City of Davenport attorney Kirk Warren was terminated tonight by commissioners on a 3/2 vote. Darlene Bradley and Rob Robinson joined Barbara in her motion to fire the attorney who's served the city since 2004. In a motion made by Bradley, City... Continue Reading →

Tortoise on the Run

With temperatures reaching into the low 90's in our Oven State and the heir apparent of creatures extraordinaire, I was brought a gopher tortoise by a bunch of my neighbors who had no idea why a one-to-five-pound tortoise would be running at lighting speed (for a turtle) through our streets and alley ways. We allowed... Continue Reading →

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