An Image for Davenport

I heard a city staff member recently say, “Davenport needs an icon,” an icon like the mermaids in Norfolk, Virginia, or the swans of Orlando, Florida, so that we can have an image to sell; and while that’s a great idea, what would it be?

Reserving Judgment

My best estimation is that she passed away from a seizure caused by a life of extreme hardship, preceded by decades of child abuse by her "devoted mother"...

Best Yet Meet & Greet

Guns; videos; huge cookies; games with prizes; souvenirs; free toys and books; popcorn; drinks; and a big, beautiful, docile firehouse dog named Spot: these were what you missed if you didn't attend the Davenport, Florida's City Open House. I was there as volunteer chair of the city's Parks & Recreations committee and found some news... Continue Reading →

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