The Pea for Parties

Holy guacamole! Hummus can be used on almost anything: as a sandwich spread, a salad dressing, a dip, on chicken, in deviled eggs, and even pizza ... click here to find out more ...

Growth on Tap

One glitch is that Chief Larry can't call his new miniature golf course "Putt-Putt with the Po-Po" because of copyright law. We need to help him out!

Attacking Mental Illness

I had told Mayor Bradley in strict confidence that, yes, I am one of the millions of Americans who suffer from mental illness. She decided to become a cyber-bully and told the world. #MeToo.

New Mayor Installed

Updated 02/17/18. Davenport, Florida ¦ Mayor Barbara Pierson resigned this evening. Rob Robinson was appointed our new Mayor and Abel Gonzales was appointed to the commission, both by unanimous votes. According to Bay News 9, "Within 24 hours of Pierson's resignation, [Kelly] Callihan said a judge in Michigan learned what happened and straightened everything out.... Continue Reading →

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