Elections Have Consequences

It appears that our local news outlet, The Ledger needs a lesson in local Davenport history to more fairly round out their editorial, Davenport's quick change in leadership, an opinion-based piece based on an "alternative fact" from the very first sentence. In calling Barbara Pierson, Davenport's newly elected commissioner, a "rookie," The Ledger dismissed the solid... Continue Reading →

Davenport TwoFer: Fires Attorney & City Manager

Updated 4/24/17 10:54 PM On a floor motion made by newly elected commissioner Barbara Pierson, City of Davenport attorney Kirk Warren was terminated tonight by commissioners on a 3/2 vote. Darlene Bradley and Rob Robinson joined Barbara in her motion to fire the attorney who's served the city since 2004. In a motion made by Bradley, City... Continue Reading →

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