Dust off the Welcome Mat

Trump pointed out that his laggard response to Puerto Rico was because it was “totally destroyed.” Yes, Mr. President, that’s what Cat 5 hurricanes do to little islands in big oceans.

Update on Our Local Dumper

Our commissioners don’t need the permission of a Code of Ordinances to go after businesses that look like drug dens, ones with “Forever For Sale” signs purposely painted and trashed to appear unattractive, and businesses that prove to be bad neighbors.

Elections Have Consequences

It appears that our local news outlet, The Ledger needs a lesson in local Davenport history to more fairly round out their editorial, Davenport's quick change in leadership, an opinion-based piece based on an "alternative fact" from the very first sentence. In calling Barbara Pierson, Davenport's newly elected commissioner, a "rookie," The Ledger dismissed the solid... Continue Reading →

Davenport TwoFer: Fires Attorney & City Manager

Updated 4/24/17 10:54 PM On a floor motion made by newly elected commissioner Barbara Pierson, City of Davenport attorney Kirk Warren was terminated tonight by commissioners on a 3/2 vote. Darlene Bradley and Rob Robinson joined Barbara in her motion to fire the attorney who's served the city since 2004. In a motion made by Bradley, City... Continue Reading →

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