Peaches Bloom


Image by George Gordon III on Fine Art America

Florida peach bloom anyone?

Not too long ago a Florida institution of higher education in Lake Alfred decided to try to grow a Florida peach. Since peaches need a decent cold season and since cold is not a common attribute of our weather, I’m going to say it was probably a challenge for this to create this exceptional tree.

I ran across one of the products of the Florida experiment at a quaint nursery in our area, Summerlin Fence & Feed, a Peach Flordagrande. At $20 for a four-foot tall tree gagging in a three-gallon pot, I didn’t mind the idea of putting a little work into opening up the roots, which brings up to today and my first peach flower.

My first thought: Is it edible? Is this lavender beauty … tasty? Can I use it in a salad?

Then I remembered the one lone peach I picked last year on this very symmetrical tree. As small as a racquetball, it nonetheless had all the expectations of a pesticide-free, garden-fresh, tree-ripened fruit. It was juicy and the skin was paper thin. It was like going back to Eden.

And I’m back to ask: Was it a wise decision for me not to eat this flower after all? We will see this coming May, Peachy.

Interested in getting this peach blossom poster for your living room or office? Visit George Gordon III’s Fine Art America page for more information.

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