Tallest Tree Comes Down

The tallest tree in Davenport, Florida, came down today. It died shortly after Hurricane Ian in 2022 and threatened the lives of several families and structures. Standing like a humungous, frayed toothpick at about 97 feet tall, this Monkey Puzzle tree was ancient, but it was deemed dangerous by the city.

I wrote on the legend of this tree back in 2017, when it was vibrant and alive. Now that the tree has been taken it down, it may very well become part of local folklore.

I imagine the folklore will say that the inhabitant of the tree, Jack, had something to do with this demise. That Jack of the Monkey Puzzle set the tree alight. He’s gone on to greener pastures and will mostly be known for tossing 15-pound pine cones down on the ground at us peasants. And, possibly, one girl scout.

Goodbye, Jack. Goodbye, Money Puzzle.

Video of Monkey Puzzle Tree Coming Down (The laughter is me, not Jack in the tree!) This tree service was made possible by the below Davenport, Florida, recommended service and friend, Demond “Bud” Moore.

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