Cabbage Redux

I admit it; I’m a lazy gardener. I want my plants and trees to give me 200% with little more than 50% of my effort. I always prefer they do double duty for me, for example, providing fruit while offering shade or, as in the case the common cabbage, a double-harvest, or the sustainability movement calls it, “revegging.”

Revegging means to use the part of a fruit or vegetable normally discarded, such as the crown of a pineapple, to grow either new vegetables or entirely new plants. Florida plants that can be revegged include pineapples, carrots, and lettuce. Cabbages fall into that category too.

Instead of yanking your cabbage out of the ground, cut it at the base, leaving the tap root and a few leaves. Within just a couple of weeks you’ll see four tiny nubs.  Within about 60 days, you’ll have your second harvest in hand, literally the size of an adult hand.

Plant red cabbages with your green ones so when you’re ready to reveg them, you’ll have an excellent combination for recipes that call for decorative veggies. They’re perfect for roasting too so veg away, Sustainables! Now’s the time to perfect your lazy gardening techniques.



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  1. I do this with the green onions we buy at the store. I put the roots in water and change out that water each day. It is amazing how fast they regrow however after 2 weeks the plant needs more than water because they become very delicate.

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