Medical at Stake

On Monday, April 2nd, at 7 PM, the City of Davenport apparently intends to go through its plan to permanently ban medical marijuana dispensaries from opening shop within the city’s boundaries.

Depending on how you look at the numbers, and I’ll tell you what that means in a second, between 68 and 71% of Davenportians voted in support of medical marijuana. It appears that the numbers on who voted in precincts 404 and 405, the two that make up the City of Davenport, don’t match. They’re off from each other by about three percentage points, a margin of error that usually triggers recounts.

Voter counts from Florida and Polk differ.
Voter counts from Florida and Polk differ by about three percentage points.

Regardless, I’ll get to the bottom of that another day. About tomorrow, if you voted for Amendment Two, to put it bluntly, your vote doesn’t matter; however, your voice may just.

Quote-Sun-SentinelAttend the commissioners’ meeting. Be brave; tell them you voted in support of Amendment Two and that they should kill City Ordinance 845, the one that will prohibit “all things marijuana.” Tell them they will violate the constitution of Florida if they impose this ban and may be liable for that violation.

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