Notes from a Disgruntled Absentee Voter


If you’re an absentee voter, as I am, you just got your ballot today, ten days before the most important election in Davenport’s recent history. It’s critically important because this election involves changes to Davenport’s constitution.

After going through each of the amendments on this ballot, I couldn’t help but think that it would be far easier for me to rip it up in front of the commissioners at their January 23rd meeting.  I have chosen not to do it simply because some of the amendments are actually valid and needed and, secondly, because I kind of like to vote.

Yes, I am an absentee voter and can tell you ahead of election day, and to my great consternation, that to make my vote count for this election I will have to show up at the polling place (5 S Allapaha Ave.) and, even though I’ve done my research ahead of time, I will likely be spending a lot of time inside the voting booth. Can one think of a better way to turn off an absentee voter?

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