“Resist Trump” Grows

Obama, Nike v. Trump, Omarosa’s #TFA POTUS claim, and the books, oh, the books, there’s been once again a fire re-ignited in American grassroots, the likes that haven’t been seen since the initiation of the Tea Party in 2009. This time, however, it’s not conservatives grass-rooting; it’s liberals.

Unlike the Tea Party, the liberal offensive has no official name yet because it’s starting with organization. Guidelines have been addressed and distributed, which includes Michael Moore’s Five Point Plan, his 100 days of resistance, and The Indivisible Guide, which advocates that liberals take the polite approach to distinguish this new movement from the many deplorable activities of the Tea Party over the past decade. To kick off the movement, of course, protests are always in order, including the following most popular:resist-logo

  • On January 15, on Martin Luther King’s birthday, there’ll be a Bernie Sanders rally and a Writers Resist campaign.
  • January 19, the Resist protest ignites, and
  • On January 21, there’ll be the Women’s March with more than 200,000 expected at this protest.

Featured image from the Rachel Maddow Show (1/6/17)  (Time 18:52).

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