A Move Forward

After yesterday’s City of Davenport election, I breathe a sigh of relief that we didn’t go the way of the lying dotard in the White House and instead voted for integrity. A city on the cusp of expanding its boundaries while in one of the fastest growing regions in Florida, it was imperative that honesty  and local values would win above politics and half-truths.

Davenport Moving Forward Postcard Election 2019

Davenport Moving Forward was a postcard I received just days before the election. There was no source indicated on the card except for the postage authorization showing it came from Lakeland under permit number 1205, so it could’ve come from “anywhere!” It foreboded the sharp truth about what was going on with this election … that this was not about the election as much as it was about being able to trust those who serve the public.

Not only were the incumbents, Rob Robinson and Bobby Lynch, re-elected, they were so with a record number of voters, the most in Davenport’s recent history. A total of 761 voted for the mayor’s position, far more then the election average of 500, which could’ve only meant one thing: a lot more voters cared this time.

Davenport Moving Forward Spanish Postcard Election 2019

Meanwhile, Amendment 1 to move voting for the mayor’s position to being the commissioners’ responsibility, that lost. Maybe Davenportians enjoy the ceremony of voting for a do-nothing mayoral seat or maybe it’s time to give the mayor’s position some real responsibilities. One I can think of off the top of my head is for our mayor to start attending Polk County commission meetings … all of them … and start developing a solid relationship with those folks who can help Davenport as it makes its way from a sleepy Mulberry-like town to an actual, progressive city-like suburb of the Tampa-Orlando region.

Here’s what The Ledger reported. Ledger Article on 2019 Election Pages 3-4.

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