Smooth on Suwannee

From Palmetto to Maple Streets at 8 AM-sharp, Polk’s School Board plan for the closing of one block of Suwannee has been going smoothly, so smoothly that I’m happy to say that the foreboding of traffic jams on April Fool’s day was little more than gossip. It’s the first day of Suwannee no longer being used as a short cut by the piddling 1,000+ vehicles that use it to avoid Rts. 17-92; the first day of a traffic-slowing measure that didn’t cost the city a penny; and the first day that City of Davenport elementary will once again become the impetus for economic growth in the old downtown area.

Suwannee & Maple
Suwannee & Maple Street
Suwannee & Palmetto
Suwannee & Palmetto Street



2 thoughts on “Smooth on Suwannee

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  1. They didnt need to close the road in order to expand the school. There are too many northern whiners here who think they need to change the way things are done. Ive lived by the school 30 years, and people who have lived here a short time got their way without regard for what the REAL residents want. Traffic was terrible on Monday and Tuesday. Hope its worth it to them. Of course the ones who voted for it probably arent impacted by the closure. Thats how it usually works.


    1. You must live on the wrong side of the school. I live two blocks from the school and saw massively diminished traffic. Do you see yourself complaining about this issue at the next commissioners’ meeting? Hope to see you there!


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