Why I’ll Be Voting Status Quo

I met a bounty hunter once to locate an errant former-husband and found myself conversing with the hunter about a wound he had on his arm, a large one, like about four inches wide. It was weeping with ooze; his skin so thin, so transparent, you could see muscle. He said it was a war wound that never healed and no doctor seemed to be able to help him.

I too suffered from wounds that wouldn’t heal, physical wounds; nummular eczema is what the doctors called it and, like the bounty hunter, they couldn’t seem to do a thing to help me. I suffered from it for over 15 years on over 80% of my body before I found the cure: a psychologist who pulled the evil wound from my soul which caused my skin to heal.

Almost overnight, I felt stronger, less irritable, and ready to move forward with my life. Because my psychological wounds had finally healed, so did my skin, so did my physical self. So did my world.

So what does any of this have to do with a bloody election?

Recently the Fox News trucks came rolling into town after a story ran in The Ledger about Davenport’s current election cycle in which some are running with alleged significant baggage. The story punctured an old wound.

Rob Robinson

As incumbent Mayor Rob Robinson said succinctly in a news interview, this year’s election has “reopened a wound that was not even healed.”[i] Former Commissioner Debra Burress also referred to the political “blight[ii] that Rob referenced.

Blight is a community’s version of a wound that won’t heal. Its definition is to “have a severely detrimental effect on” for example, in our case, a whole city. That is what Davenport is dealing with in its current election cycle.

The wound is psychological because, well, it’s not physical. Right? No one got literally punched in the making of this blight. (Actually, come to think of it, someone may have been punched. Anyway …)

In our corner are our incumbents. They’ve been here all along driving us safely out of this mess, making Davenport respectable again, and all the while overseeing major projects, like the soon-to-be-renewed historical elementary school, the new community center, our new City Hall, the expansion of our city boundaries, and the health of our city’s civil discourse.

They’re running on a clear agenda of listening and being accessible to the people. They have great managerial and leadership skills. They run efficient public meetings and rarely miss those meetings. (Based on their paychecks, that I don’t understand.) But, most importantly, they don’t lie. Their souls convey integrity first.

Bobby Lynch

Just like the psychologist who healed my skin, the incumbents on our commission will – at the very least – keep the Fox News trucks from paying us so many visits for all the wrong reasons. They will be able to focus on the business of the city because they are without baggage.

They’ll be able to finish they’re healing work. That healing must finish first. That much is clear.

For all these reasons, this year I’m voting status quo on April 2ndI’m voting for Rob Robinson and Bobby LynchLet’s finish the healing; let’s move forward.

Must Read: Rob Robinson Brochure Election 2019



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