Yoga Much?

Yoga Coming Soon
New Horizons Davenport at 104 W Bay Street.

Did you know that 10 minutes of yoga a day can reduce your risk of giving a shit? That’s right!

That’s why it’s not a stretch to say that I don’t give a shit that our itty bitty city had nothing to do with bringing a new business into our downtown area. To the posers who discordantly hum that downtown will never come back, remember this: Yoga, because punching naysayers is frowned upon.

With that said, we’ve gotten our  first new niche business in too many years. Now us yogis won’t have to travel way out to Clermont and Kissimmee to grab our inner peace, to get our chi on.

Located at 104 West Bay Street, New Horizons’ owners, Sharon and Kelly, are opening in mid-September with a grand sale: 30 days of classes for the bargain basement price of $30. It’s an opportunity to give yourself the 30-day challenge, that is, to strike a pose every day at New Horizons for 30 days straight.

For more information, check out New Horizons’ website and Facebook pages. See you on the floor in Happy Baby Pose.
Art by George D. Gordon, III, 09/18.  Go to for more artwork.

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