Two Ways to Meet Your Candidates

dcc-eventDAVENPORT, FLORIDA | By those confused by who’s event is happening when, here’s the scoop. Davenport Concerned Citizens (DCC) is hosting their event on Thursday, March 23, while the Davenport Historical Society (DHS) is hosting their event two days prior on Tuesday, March 21. For more information about the DHS event, click on their brochure below.

Like the DHS event, the DCC will not be a debate between candidates. It will give you, however, the opportunity to question each candidate personally. The event will open with each candidate giving a five-minute stump speech, then each heading off to their respective corners (“We gotta keep em separated.” Hah!), wherein seriously they will distribute literature and take questions from constituents. Stupendous!


All this in the name of getting Davenport voters out to the polls next month is by gosh golly good! Psst … Pass the word. there’s an old-fashioned election going on here in Mayberry.

Recording of 2017 Forum

2017 Moderator Cindy Combee Rodriguez Bio

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