The New Ignorati

I had a passionate interest in following the world of politics around me until late last year, when I became one of those millions of Americans who had to take a sabbatical from it all in the month after November 8th. It was a tormenting month of reflection and renewal.

I re-discovered my abandoned Netflix account. I found my garden interesting again. I bought a car and learned to program some seriously funny comedy stations on my free (for a limited time) Sirius XM radio.

Then I took a peak at what leaders I respected were saying. I heard them tell me to carry on, to work on what I do best, and when “they” go low, as they surely have and will for the next four years, I am to go high.

It didn’t jive with what I had expected. No one I respected was giving up.  My favorites — Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, Hillary Clinton … — they were all saying the same thing, which brings me to here, to this place, with you, writing, what I do best.

Image by George D Gordon III
In just four years, many of our “angry white men” will be on the front line of munitions factories; their sons and daughters drafted to another war designed to help our Republic into economic “greatness:” Trump’s America.

I’ll start with telling you what upset me so completely last year and, yes, the election was one of them but not the main cause of my strife.  Like on September 11, 2001, when I believe the terrorists won, I believe that on November 8, 2016, the people I call the new ignorati won.

While I call them “new,” there’s nothing actually new about them. Ignorant people have been around forever. I call them new because, this time, they’re about to affect my life.

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