An Elephant is Saved


Nosey a.k.a., Tiny

When I was a child I use to go to zoos, the Barnum & Bailey Circus, and was the one kid who never liked them. I would usually arrive home after one of these events with a headache, a tummy ache, and sad.

The first time I met Nosey, who’s home has been the City of Davenport for most of her life, I was at a local circus event, where Nosey was the main attraction. Again, I left sad.

Elephants are such majestic and gentle creatures, especially for their size. They feel empathy; pain; joy; hunger; and illness. Forcing an animal to work their entire lives is surely tantamount to making children enter the workforce.

The circus for Nosey had aged her significantly and it was obvious to most who met her. There were the droopy eyes, the skin chafing all over her body, and the increasingly repetitive movements. She was becoming too old for this circus thing.

As of Thursday afternoon (11/9/17), however, all that changed. With many of her worldwide supporters in waiting, a judge in Lawrence County, Alabama, ruled in favor of Nosey. She was seized in the late hours of the evening and is now in route to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES) in Hohenwald, TN.

At TES, they care about elephants. To maintain their privacy, TES shows their elephants only on live video called the EleCam. Cute!

If you are a Nosey supporter, your comment below would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have been an advocate for Nosey for many years. My heart is singing with joy over her release from the Libel’s prison. My hope for this innocent victim of neglect, is that she will have the opportunity to remain at TES, receiving the medical attention she so desperately needs. She will have the opportunity to socialize with other elephants and explore the amazing habitat that TES provides.

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    1. It’s sad that Florida attracts characters like Hugo Tomi Liebel to our state. There was not enough local awareness for the City of Davenport to even notice that abuse was taking place in our little city. The good news is that the world community stepped in where Davenport didn’t. Thank goodness for Nosey’s new life.


  2. In 2013, myself, Barbara Trask Lovett and Maria Lennon started this fight for Nosey. We then created Save Nosey NOW FB page. Now she is finally FREE! She will be able to walk wherever she chooses, relax in lakes, never see another bullhook, have people on her back, ever see another chain, stand in a steamy hot cramped trailer for hours on end while traveling from one town to the next, and then being forced to sleeping in there. It will take time for her to get over the decades of abuse, but TES will guide her through that, and I can’t express in words the pure joy I am feeling. My tears have been falling since I heard the news, but they are finally tears of sheer bliss.

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    1. So glad that Nosey is free and thank you to Sharon, Barbara and Maria for making this all possible. Nosey has been exploited all her life even by some of those who claim to have her interests at heart. I hope that she stays at TES

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