Starke Rocks!


Peace Rocks from Starke, FL

A very young Davenport, Florida, resident was hanging out at the gazebo in Wilson Park and found a special greeting “hidden in plain sight” from Starke, Florida. They were painted rocks.


Apparently painting rocks with inspirational images and decorating our landscapes with them has become a world-wide trend. Some describe it as a pay-it-forward campaign of positivity or a tag-you’re-it game with positively happy results. Regardless of what it is, it’s taken off as a city-wide craze in Lakeland and now looks to be visiting us here in Davenport.

If you know who painted the rocks pictured here, let us know. We’ll put you in touch with our young resident.

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  1. My Grandson, Waylon, was the young man that found the hidden rocks at the gazebo. You would have thought that he has found buried treasure, he was so excited. He wants to keep these and paint new ones to place at random places These has Stark FL rocks on Facebook painted om the back so were east to find. Thanks to Stark Fl rocks and Darhlene for your jtegf


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    1. From Facebook, I got the following message from Sharon Clements:

      “I did the white peace rock with the flowers, my husband did the bird and I think the multi color stripe was a collaborative effort. We had a painting party at my daughter’s house in Starke, Florida. Thank you for posting your find.”


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