The Dishonorable Mr. Scott

With grueling defiance I read slickity Rick Scott’s Rescue America plan, feeling that I had to read the whole darn document because, well, he’s my senator from Florida. And, I’m glad I did, because of its insight into Scott’s divisive, “often-dark world.” For example he places blame on the “militant” left for much of the evil in America, and right off, he warns that his “plan is not for the faint of heart.” So’right he is. You’d have to be a die-hard Republican to read through his entire plan without saying WTF! Here’s my not-for-the-faint-of-heart response, shock and awe, because my readers deserve an uncensored review of this ominous plan.

For starters, it is a dangerous, strongman agenda. It reads like a fanatical right-wing call to arms with his audience being the nuclear family. Talk of Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, LGBTQ+, and socialism are off limits in Scott’s world. As whacked as it is, Scott brings up the Second Amendment, which purpose he says is “to protect … the First Amendment.” My guess is that Scott expects us all to bear arms and shoot folks who talk about these subjects, but I don’t think Scott is hinting at ruthless compliance with his plan. I think he simply doesn’t care if it foments violence.

Dishon. Rick Scott

Rick Scott threatens to treat “Socialism” as a “foreign combatant,” implying he may be willing to jail Americans who believe in or proselytize whatever he happens to think is socialism. Americans policing Americans is what it’ll amount to. Unintended consequences and violence is what it will lead to.

I think that’s the worst of it, but, really, there are many reasons not to love Rick Scott’s 11-point plan. What does he want to do that should be most concerning for freedom-loving Americans? Here’re the worse from the dishonorable Mr. Scott’s plan.

  • Set Fire to Diversity. Without defining it, he makes it clear that he despises woke culture and will instead promote the nuclear family “at all costs.” Does that mean Scott will allow the loss of human life or, perhaps, a Russian-style loss of folks who may not be part of his vision for America?
  • Defund the Federal Government. He wants to eliminate “all federal programs that can be done locally,” and when he says locally, he means the state, not the counties, not the cities, but “the state.” Scott’s all for “re-funding” the police, but he has problems, he notes, with the FBI and school board meetings. Surely, the FBI is one of the agencies that’ll be defunded. Others include the U.S. Department of Education; the IRS by 50%; colleges and universities if they oppose his plan; “sanctuary cities;” Washington, DC. by moving “agencies out of Washington;” and, it looks like he will even consider defunding the US Department of Justice. And how exactly would that help combat crime?
  • Tax the Poor. You can tell a lot about a community, by the way it treats the least among them. Rick Scott, however, doesn’t get this. Aside from the poor optics, do Republicans really want to throw millions of Americans into poverty and homelessness simply because they cannot afford to pay Scott’s proposed tax? In the process of sneaking in this little tidbit into his plan, Scott also slips in his redefinition of the word inflation. Yep, he re-defines inflation as “a tax placed on us by politicians who waste our money.” Inflation? A tax? Really? It has nothing to do with a complex array of economic conditions, such as supply and demand, and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate, that forces up the price of goods and services?
  • Legislate Morality. He calls it the Democrats’ plan to destroy “traditional morality,” a phrase made popular by Republicans since Ronald Reagan, and a phrase which is specifically meant to include Scott’s “God” to the exclusion of all other gods and religions. Apparently Rick Scott believes that his God exists only in the nuclear family. Given that logic, his God, then, is not present in non-nuclear families, thus negating that his God is supposed to be omnipresent. You know, like everywhere at the same time. Maybe I’ll have to review my Bible. Maybe, God is in fact not in Rick Scott’s soul.
  • Make Women Baby Manufacturers Again. Rick Scott equates abortion with killing “children” and “to deny that is to deny science,” a phrase he uses several times in his plan without providing any evidence as to the science behind his statements. On top of that, I don’t see the logic of believing a god-fearing politician telling me about science and telling me that women are killing children, CHILDREN, when there is no scientific evidence for that! My goodness. Rick “love the fetus; hate the child” Scott, purports to know when a fetus becomes a child while equating his God with science, a point that will surely pump up his base, albeit how wrong it is. God is not science, and likewise science is most certainly not God. Being female, intimately familiar with the subject, and a bit of a scientist myself, I know one thing: the science says that a viable fetus is about 24 weeks of gestation. It does not say a word about the viability of a fetus that is only 15 weeks old.
  • Gut Voters’ Rights. “In true Orwellian fashion,” Rick Scott wants to gut voters’ rights. Period.

And there is one more point I have to make about his Save America plan, as some nitwits have called it. He makes one mention of the enemy, one, because we know that Republicans need an enemy. It’s an integral part of their vision. And who is this enemy?

Scott’s Jew Pandering

Being of Jewish heritage, I find myself getting offended when politicians mention Christians and Jews in the same sentence, not that I don’t believe that differing religions can’t work together but because politicians like Scott, who helped found the Naples Community Church in his home district, uses specific religious identities to dog-whistle their followers. Scott doesn’t include all, most, or even some religions in his plan. To wit, his document doesn’t mention anything about any other religions except for these two: Christians and Jews (in that order).

To his credit, Scott does make mention of “Radical Islam,” which he associates with countries like Russia and China and which begs the question: If Scott were grammatically correct in his word association, where on Earth is this country of Radical Islam? In the end, Islam is apparently Scott’s enemy.

Overall, I can’t fathom the type of folks who’d vote for policies like the ones Scott presents. They’re rude, offensive, inhumane, and antithetical to the American dream. In short, only a dishonorable person would present this garbage to the public and expect the majority to bite.

Take a look. Judge for yourself.

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