Big Tech’s Controlling Who?

In a state whose motto should be “Voter Beware,” Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, along with Trump supporters and the far right-wing, want to enact a $100,000 daily fine for “any platform found to be de-platforming political figures,” such as what Big Tech did to ex-President Donald Trump back in January. They want certain large technology companies to stop controlling our speech, but don’t be fooled.

This isn’t for the lil’ guy. This isn’t for you and me. It’s for the elites and the powerful, the 1%, guys like Trump, and powerful entities like Big Tech. It’s a War of Titans. We, as in us average Americans; and we, as in DeSantis’ constituents, the buyers or customers of his political reign/ideology, aren’t going to benefit from this enactment at all.

To be clear, when DeSantis says Big Tech, he’s talking about the today’s popular Internet giants: Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon, which giants can change based on the whims of their customer base. We are the clients of these services and, as such, are in their private domain just as any customer in any private brick-and-mortar store, and we have to respect their rules.

DeSantis doesn’t think so. A Hillsdale College publication named Imprimis doesn’t think so either.

Imprimis, via an article written by Allum Bokhari for Brietbart News, seems to claim that tech giants conspired to silence Trump’s voice when it was obvious that he had broken the rules and had been doing so for years. Surely, if the average you or me had tweeted half the nonsense that Trump did, we would’ve been banned early on.

Imprimis goes on to attack “left-wing hostility to free speech” as though left-wingers, the ones who protest for Black Lives Matter and Save the Whales, are the ones hostile to free speech. But it’s a free publication, so I read it. (One’s always gotta get insight on the other side.)

According to Imprimis, DeSantis — in the party of business deregulation — wishes to regulate Big Tech. It’s a non sequitur. He can’t be diabolically for and opposed to the regulation of business, but in his true mini-Trumpian way, DeSantis is.

I’ll leave you with this: Do you really want to see Florida put Big Tech out of business in its state? And, what Big Tech entity would be willing to move into Florida (or start a tech business here) after a DeSantis move like this one?

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