Painter Pays Forward $1,900

In a compliment I haven’t heard since gosh-knows-when, I got my name printed in our local read, The Ledger, on page A-3! I’m always tickled when I see my work picked up by media outlets.

You may now refer to me as Davenport Booster! Many thanks to Gary White for making this possible and his shout out to me in the article. Below is the edited press release that The Ledger picked up.

Kemuel “Kenny” Zambrana refers to his neighborhood as the “best in town” and on good grounds: his neighbor is Edwin Perez, a 20-year-retired Disney veteran turned home painter. He is also the owner of Fresh Paint Florida, which recently provided Kenny with pro bono project valued at $1,900.

“It was like winning a prize,” said Kenny, who lives a few blocks from Edwin in their Lake Davenport community, a place with mature trees and with many large, frame homes in their original colors: white; Edwin’s “perfect canvas.”

When Edwin first encountered Kenny and his wife, Mildred Hernandez, they were on their front lawn, inspecting their home’s exterior. Edwin noticed Kenny’s efforts cleaning as he was driving by. He immediately parked his Fresh Paint van, not to sell them services but to offer them a pressure-wash of their home’s exterior for free, a $200 value.

Kenny Mildred Edwin
Kenny & Mildred with Edwin

What was a drab-white and grayish home, Edwin and his team returned back to a popping white and crisp blue trim. The Zambrana’s were thoroughly impressed with what looked like a new paint job, but — after Fresh Paint left — it prompted Mildred to pick up some old color swatches she had kept when she had wanted the house to more than just pop.

“So many of the houses here are bland and gray,” Mildred whispered, pointing at a nearby home. “The colors I had chosen were soft but not bland … colorful is what they are,” she said, adding, “just like Edwin.”

Within about a week of the pressure-wash, Edwin once again drove by the Zambrana’s home, this time noticing Kenny trying to get up an unstable ladder. In his typical love-thy-neighbor style, Edwin had to stop.

“What are you trying to do, Kenny?” to which Kemuel responded nonchalantly, “Paint the house.”

The thought of an 80-year-old painting a 1,200-square-foot house punctured Edwin’s heart and off he went again to help out Kenny, this time to the value-added tune of $1,700. Fresh Paint was going to paint the Zambrana’s entire home — front, sides, and back — pro bono.

FreshPaintThis small, five-year-old business in unincorporated Davenport was giving back to his community in a way that is objectively rare. In Fresh Paint’s case, it’s not the first time Edwin has done this. For example, at a local Jamestown Park heritage festival, he personally gave away hundreds of gallons of paint he couldn’t use to anyone exiting the festival. It’s this uniqueness; however, that forms one of the foundations of Edwin’s business philosophy and local success.

It helps him to get out one of Fresh Paint’s messages; that is, it makes good home-owning sense to hire a painter. It makes good sense for lots of reasons, not excluding, miscalculating the amount of paint needed, one of Kenny’s problems.

Other common issues home-owners run into when trying to paint their own homes include: not having the 20+ tools needed to finish their projects; not knowing how to use all these tools; not knowing how to prepare areas to be painted; and not calculating the risk of do-it-yourself exterior jobs, like painting. It’s in these areas that Fresh Paint stands out in services.

If it is not already, Service with Kindness should be Fresh Paint’s motto. For More Information: Edwin Perez, Owner, Fresh Paint Florida. (863) 397-9974. On the web at Email:

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