Murdered at 19

In Memory of My Stepson

In memory of my stepson, who was murdered at 19 by his college roommate, the one the Press showed grinning for the camera, the one who remains UNtried. The coroner boxed him up, the victim – without permission, a signature of gross neglect — before the family even had a chance to say goodbye. This is your System.

I was reminded not to say the vicious word today. The way he was killed. The butchering. The Press slander and all that goes with the state that treated you, your family, your friends, all without regard. They say an A-student, without class, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, does not qualify for the death penalty.

Disenfranchisement is your System. I say his name each time I remember this.

My mind has come to know the pain I feel each day the courts delay, remind us all: My stepson had no place in Penn. No student has a place in Penn.


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  1. I periodically check the inmate status of the scum who cut Brendon’s life so short. In doing so today, I found this blog. I was a friend of Brendon’s In WV. Although I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Brendon’s face in your blog, reading your words brought the heartache back to the surface. I remember well the phone call from a mutual friend who called to tell me what happened and the events that took place following. How tragic. How senseless. I just want you to know we haven’t forgotten him. We think and speak of him often.

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