Best Yet Meet & Greet

Guns; videos; huge cookies; games with prizes; souvenirs; free toys and books; popcorn; drinks; and a big, beautiful, docile firehouse dog named Spot: these were what you missed if you didn’t attend the Davenport, Florida’s City Open House. I was there as volunteer chair of the city’s Parks & Recreations committee and found some news to share.

Republic-Recylcing-Bin-OriginalFirst, our upcoming, new Republic recycling program will feature closed lids and in nicely-sized, blue cans. Had you been at this event, you could’ve gotten a neat, hand-sized replica of them.

Second, you could’ve met me! Yep, at the Parks & Rec table talking up a storm about our upcoming Open Forum public hearing that’s been set for March 2018. The committee will be looking for public input to help the city prioritize parks and recreation programming, events, and facilities.

For facilities, think community center. For example, do we want a new one or should we simply, and more cheaply, renovate the old? I got some initial feedback too: one person telling me that we should consider a historical museum and another explaining the need for a quarter-mile jogging/running track. Mark March 2018 to get your feedback to the city.

Third, there is a Community Workshop scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd at 6 PM at the Community Center. At this class, you’ll be able to learn about the city’s land development regulations, a.k.a., LDR’s, that regulate your home and business.

Fourth, the Christmas Parade route has been published this year. About time!

Because there is no definitive endpoint, this route appears to be still in draft form but here it is, just in time for your holiday planning. Rumor is that the city has booked a star for our WinterFest event this year.

2018 Xmas Parade Route001


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