Harvesting Driftwood 101

I decided to be a hunter this year for my annual vacation. So, hunter-I-am went to Panama City Beach, Florida, on my first driftwood hunt. Driftwood harvesting: It really is a thing; and as I found out on my vacation, it’s also an underground thing, at least in Florida.

You see, according to State of Florida rules, “The collection, destruction or disturbance of plants, animals or park property is prohibited.” Driftwood, being “property,” cannot be collected or “harvested,” as the park ranger told my husband.

We were stumped but only for a second. We saw: park ranger; gun; rules; a meek, nice guy, who so politely asked us to put our findings back, I thought he might give us a prize with compliance. No such luck but we did discover some important information about this industry.

The most important to me being this it’s hot. Driftwood can go from about $10 for a small, unfinished piece up to the hundreds of dollars for larger pieces, and even up past $1,200 for driftwood furniture and other finished pieces. You can find driftwood earrings, art, end tables, beds, lamps, mirrors, candle holders, and bamboo-style curtains. And I’m hooked on it — that is — driftwood hunting — but now I know, leave the state parks alone.

The images here are pictures of some of our 50+ finds. Follow this blog to learn of my future hunts.

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But are these genuine? Learn more.

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