The Tallest Monkey Puzzle

A Legend That’s Almost Not

Monkey-Puzzle-Tree-Lemon-Street Monkey Puzzle in Davenport, FL

I stood out front the house talking with some landscapers about the most bizarre tree in our neighborhood, estimating whether it would hit my century-old home if it ever fell. We laughed and carried on about our whimsical conversation when the tree made three loud thumping sounds.

“See! There’s a spell on that tree.” I told them, as I’d just finished sharing the legend with them of the Monkey Puzzle tree. It was a quieting moment.

While there are several variations of the legend, the one I like the best is about the devil incarnate, who sits atop a fiery nest at the apex of this pyramidal, fire-resistant tree, not all the time, but he sits there for bits and whiles, long enough to spook those who see him. Everyone around Monkey Puzzle must be quiet while the devil’s there lest they attract his attention…

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Tortoise on the Run

With temperatures reaching into the low 90's in our Oven State and the heir apparent of creatures extraordinaire, I was brought a gopher tortoise by a bunch of my neighbors who had no idea why a one-to-five-pound tortoise would be running at lighting speed (for a turtle) through our streets and alley ways. We allowed... Continue Reading →

Shenanigans Reprimanded

I didn't want to raise a stink at the commissioners' meeting on January 23, but how else was I to get my point across? Doing so appeared to have brought the media out to see what I was going to say; and doing so also appeared to have had an effect significant enough that —... Continue Reading →

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