My Blog Woe

When one writes a blog, it has the negative side-effect of disgruntling people who may not agree. Although comments are permitted on my blog, some prefer to take personal action against the blogger. These people are known as bullies.

In my history of dealing with bullies, I know one thing: They must be dealt with firmly and swiftly. It’s the same advice I give anyone who is up against bullies.

To wit, a young lady in my neighborhood came up to me one day and asked my advice about a man, an alcoholic 40 years her senior, who was pushing to have a sex with her. Besides many other suggestions I gave her, the most important one was to “tell everybody.”

Criminals have a hard time hiding when everybody is in the know, and if they commit the intended commit, you can rely on some of those everybodies to put that criminal away. I think of former-felonious mayor Darlene Bradley and her live-in, John Lepley, like that alcoholic neighbor, two people who got away with a crime last year and now are apparently seeking to foist one against me personally.

hidden-bully-behaviorsTheir problem with me was that I wrote a blog post that proved a group under their direction has been illegitimate. Since that post, both Bradley and Lepley have been documented walking around my house, an action which I reported to the police and which action I believe has been meant to intimidate me.

After I reported them to everybody, they stopped walking around my house, at least for the time being, but, as criminals are wont, they upped their ante and spread a rumor that something “big” was to happen at a public meeting I was leading. To protect myself and other attendees against these two, Davenport police were called and attended the event.

As it turned out, the “big” thing was that they were present for the first time in public since Bradley’s arrest and, thank Mother Earth for our safety, they left early. Their presence didn’t intimidate me, so their goal was squashed. Who knows, maybe that’s why they left early.

However, I do know one thing from their “big” show: That they are willing to do anything in their power to intimidate me, force me out of my work as a volunteer, and close down my blog. They didn’t count on my strength and resourcefulness to block them at every move.

One way to block a bully is to call a lawyer, which I did in the month following their libelous email. I learned a lot about libel laws from that lawyer, such as this: It’s okay to talk back at bullies, even to shout at them if needed; and it’s critically important to respond and stand-up against their shallow selves.

So I wrote a response to Bradley’s and Lepley’s libelous email, and I’m also taking the advice I gave to the young woman who feared getting raped. I am telling everybody and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that no one can say, “I didn’t know these folks were a threat.”

Rather than taking the next move to up the ante again, may I suggest that the Bradley/Lepley household consider meditation with the aim of achieving humility, an absent component of their characters. I, myself, find yoga and gardening very helpful. Or, perhaps, they may want to consider finding the god they claim to love. (Maybe local Pastor Jeremy Clark can help them out.)

John 18:22-23 — When he had said these things, one of the officers standing by struck Jesus with his hand, saying, “Is that how you answer the high priest?” Jesus answered him, “If what I said is wrong, bear witness about the wrong; but if what I said is right, why do you strike me?”

Click this link to see my response to the Lepley/Bradley libel email.

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    1. I’m taking it that you’re saying this is part of the healing process. Okay, I’m transferring it out of my system right now, as you read this. Hummmmmmmm …


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