Parks & Rec Your Thing?

pexels-photo-888238.jpegThink of something pleasant today, like the relaxing images of beaches and sunsets. Then think about parks and recreation here in your City of Davenport, Florida. Ask yourself, what do I really think about that?

That’s the question that City staff are seeking to answer during their upcoming Open Forum: What do residents really think about Davenport’s parks, facilities, and recreational activities? And you can tell the city exactly that during their Open Forum scheduled for Wednesday, March 14, from 6-8 PM at, where else, but City Hall.

The Open Forum is an opportunity for residents to meet with the city’s one-year-old Parks and Recreations Advisory Committee, which usually meets during business hours and of which I, your neighborhood blogger, am the chairperson. It’s an opportunity to not just to give the group your ideas but to even discuss those ideas in detail in an atmosphere that’s been designed to maximize communication.

pexels-photo-610293.jpegCan’t think of a thing? Here’re some ideas to get those brain juices working.

Parks: Just like there is an endless variety of nuts from which to choose, there are all sorts of different parks one can have in a community: pocket parks, ballparks, hiking trails, dog parks, amusement parks, lake and ponds, peace gardens, zoos, woodlands, historic preserve parks, and wildlife management areas. Think about the parks you have visited in your life and what you liked the most about them. What did you notice about those places that you think would work for Davenport?

Facilities: Plans are for the future construction of a new, state-of-the-art community center for our city. What would you like to see become a part of that community center? How you would like to use it? And, what do you think should happen to the old community center?

pexels-photo-207896.jpegRecreational Activities: Think of both events and recreational activities you enjoy in the city, (You don’t have to know if the city sponsors these events or not.), things like the ball field games, the Saturday Trash to Treasures thrift vendors, the children’s Summer Camp, the recent Grills Gone Wild or the Highwaymen events, the 4th of July fireworks, TheatreWorks, or WinterFest.

Think of what your family enjoys doing? Then go to the Open Forum and tell the committee. Your answers will be compiled along with your neighbors’ responses into a summary and forwarded to the Board of Commissioners so your thoughts will reach them personally for their review and future action.

Can’t attend? Then here’s the second best thing: a Parks & Recreation Survey. Just click on the link and answer three questions; your comments will be covered.

Oh! And did I mention there’ll be snacks and beverages? I know there’ll be at least one in attendance just for the goodies. (Who’s looking at me?)





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