Welcome Mayor Pierson

Updated 1/5/2018.

Barbara-Pierson-WEBCommissioners appointed Commissioner Barbara Pierson to the Mayor’s seat tonight amid a push by residents for the most qualified resident for this seat. Congratulations, Mrs. Pierson. Congratulations, Davenport, for ensuring our best possible future.

To date, our local newspaper, The Ledger, which berated the City of Davenport over the firings of former-city manager Amy Arrington and former-city attorney Kirk Warren, has said not one word about the appointment of Barbara Pierson on January 2nd. It appears that The Ledger is practicing subjectivity when it comes to Davenport.

To The Ledger: We Davenport residents have noticed your lack of objectivity when it comes to our politics. Either explain yourself or get back to reporting the news.

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    1. The commissioners will appoint a new commissioner to replace Barbara Pierson’s seat at their next meeting. Because of the way our charter is written, this appointment is required as a two-step process.


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