DCC’s Truth to Power Email

Some notes from a Davenport Concerned Citizens’ email with unsubstantiated claims and a substantial amount of wordiness left out. Trust me. It actually really reads better this way. BTW, thank you DCC for keeping us all honest.


“Late last night, Commissioner Tom Fellows threw another childish tantrum and demanded your mayor resign from office …. Mr. Fellows threatened to contact FDLE to demand an investigation into alleged sunshine violations by Mayor Bradley, Commissioner Robinson & new commissioner Barbara Pierson in regards to the removal of City Attorney Kirk Warren & City Manager Amy Arrington at the last meeting …. Fellows nonsense about sunshine violations & collusion by those representing you are absurd … your call for the removal of manager Arrington goes back to your overwhelming vote to change her super-majority removal status in the charter, goes back to your overwhelming vote in 2013 ….

Any promises or plans made up to 7:00 on election night [before Pierson’s election] are NOT SUNSHINE VIOLATIONS …. Both Mayor Bradley since she first ran in 2013 & Barbara Pierson over the last year, have heard your overwhelming demands for replacement of those officials …. New temporary interim city manager Kelly Callihan has taken a 5 page list of commission outstanding items former manager Arrington had not addressed in 4 years and had them all checked off in 3 days.

The city hall phone system will now ring to a live person again …. City employees are re-energized & all pitching in on Mayor Bradley’s dream of a better, prouder Davenport.”

Davenport Concerned Citizens
PO Box 2791
Davenport, Florida 33837

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