Our Next Three Years Starts Now!

Unlike Darlene Bradley’s first swearing in, when a stupendously rude audience swore out loud that she’d be “a one-term mayor” and that former mayor Pete Rust would be back again to wreck neglectful havoc on our town, this swearing-in was filled with respect and a prayer for a better, “more 21st century” Davenport. To that end, Bradley — and all the commissioners unanimously —approved the upcoming projects for Jamestown Park just before the swearing-in. That sounds pretty 21st-century to me.

And just before that, Crystal Williams, who was awarded by Bradley for her decade-long service to the area, was also congratulated with a much-deserved standing ovation by the audience. Barbara Pierson spoke in recognition of her position in winning against such a local giant as Crystal; nonetheless, Pierson, as witnessed by this author, is a powerhouse by her own right. All I can say is … expect a lot.

On a possibly less noticed hand, Bradley’s opponent during this election cycle, Abel Gonzalez, who lost spectacularly against Darlene has been like, really, nowhere to be seen. Except for a congratulations on his Facebook page, Gonzalez has offered no public comment on his loss. To that I say, “Abel, consider coming to the dark side. Call me. Let’s find some common ground.”

April 4, 2017 Election 

Official Results
Darlene Bradley – 307
Abel Gonzales – 182
Crystal Williams – 221
Barbara Pierson – 264


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