Our Next Three Years Starts Now!

Unlike Darlene Bradley’s first swearing in, when a stupendously rude audience swore out loud that she’d be “a one-term mayor” and that former mayor Pete Rust would be back again to wreck neglectful havoc on our town, this swearing-in was filled with respect and a prayer for a better, “more 21st century” Davenport. To that end, Bradley — and all the commissioners unanimously —approved the upcoming projects for Jamestown Park just before the swearing-in. That sounds pretty 21st-century to me.

And just before that, Crystal Williams, who was awarded by Bradley for her decade-long service to the area, was also congratulated with a much-deserved standing ovation by the audience. Barbara Pierson spoke in recognition of her position in winning against such a local giant as Crystal; nonetheless, Pierson, as witnessed by this author, is a powerhouse by her own right. All I can say is … expect a lot.

On a possibly less noticed hand, Bradley’s opponent during this election cycle, Abel Gonzalez, who lost spectacularly against Darlene has been like, really, nowhere to be seen. Except for a congratulations on his Facebook page, Gonzalez has offered no public comment on his loss. To that I say, “Abel, consider coming to the dark side. Call me. Let’s find some common ground.”

April 4, 2017 Election 

Official Results
Darlene Bradley – 307
Abel Gonzales – 182
Crystal Williams – 221
Barbara Pierson – 264


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  1. Darlene, we voted for you in April and are happy you got it. But…we are sick of hearing your rants about fellow commissisioners. Please don’t stoop to their level and instead stand tall and act like a leader. I know you will accomplish a lot in you term.

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