Bradley Keeps Promises Plus Some

Darlene Bradley’s Promises Kept is a wildly long list. One that we’ve included for your perusal at the bottom of this post, but if you want the short version: Trust me, Bradley will go down as Davenport’s best mayor in history.

She’s a breath of sunshine with major accomplishments over her militaristic opponent, Abel Gonzalez, who plans to bring back the old guard. Yeah, that one, the one that left Davenport in major disrepair.

I’ve worked with Abel and, while a nice young chap, he can wind a committee through so much red tape that nothing gets accomplished. That’s why I affectionately call him Sir Talk-a-lot. If Abel was running for commissioner, I’d be on his side, but not as mayor. Abel needs more, lots more, experience.

Let’s give Bradley one more year. Maybe Davenport can come up with a better opponent in that time.

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6 thoughts on “Bradley Keeps Promises Plus Some

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  1. Abel is much more qualified to be mayor of Davenport now than Mayor Lepley is after already serving two terms as mayor, She would have no idea what she is doing if her husband John wasn’t telling her what to do and say.


    1. Don’t know why anyone wouldn’t love everything Darlene’s done for our city, and how in the world do you figure that Abel’s got more experience? Abel’s never held elected office before. Has he? Also, Abel’s not a consensus builder and seems to speak for himself over the will of the people. My vote still stands for Darlene.


  2. Had Darlene? Abel’s background as a leader gives him that experience. Much more qualified than Darlene. I’ve never seen the City more divided than since Darlene was elected. Consensus builder??? More like consensus destroyer.


    1. You’re absolutely right; Darlene didn’t start with experience either. I also agree with the city being divided but disagree as to why that is. I believe there is a divide between people who are pro-housing-developers and those who want a better city for those already here. For example, the Rust posse, which appears to include Crystal and Abel, stand on the side of the administration that allowed the water tower to rust to the point of danger/demolition, who let our sidewalks crumble to the point of reckless liability, and who — as Crystal said in the DHS forum — to allow all businesses east of 17-92 to fail. BTW, what consensus has Darlene ever destroyed?


    1. I am one of her supporters and even supported her campaign as a volunteer for a couple of her political runs. What do I think of her? I think that she’s accomplished a lot for Davenport. I think she demonstrated a severe lack of judgment. I think she may have been hoodwinked by her own husband in this matter, and I think that this incident is a black eye for the city. I also think that Davenport owes her a fair response. What I think about you? I think you are one of those who clearly rushes to judgment; at the very least, you express hatred that is the purview of the ignorant.


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