Peaches Bloom

first-peach-bloom-2017Florida peach bloom anyone?

Not too long ago a Florida institution of higher education in Lake Alfred decided to try to grow a Florida peach. Since peaches need a decent cold season and since cold is not a common attribute of our weather, I’m going to say it was probably a challenge for this to create this exceptional tree.

I ran across one of the products of the Florida experiment at a quaint nursery in our area, Summerlin Fence & Feed, a Peach Flordagrande. At $20 for a four-foot tall tree gagging in a three-gallon pot, I didn’t mind the idea of putting a little work into opening up the roots, which brings up to today and my first peach flower.

My first thought: Is it edible? Is this lavender beauty … tasty? Can I use it in a salad?

Then I remembered the one lone peach I picked last year on this very symmetrical tree. As small as a racquet ball, it nonetheless had all the expectations of a pesticide-free, garden-fresh, tree-ripened fruit. It was juicy and the skin was paper thin. It was like going back to Eden.

And I’m back to ask: Was it a wise decision for me not to eat this flower after all? We will see this coming May, Peachy.

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